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Date:  16 Feb 2018 03:00:43 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #2960 [Com]: mysqli->connect fails due to unspecified socket/port

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 ID:               2960
 Comment by:       nilnirob19 at gmail dot com
 Reported By:      oliver at realtsp dot com
 Summary:          mysqli->connect fails due to unspecified socket/port
 Status:           Closed
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          DB
 Operating System: FreeBSD
 PHP Version:      5.0.2
 Assigned To:      danielc
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

I faced this problem on 
now fixed

Previous Comments:

[2005-01-20 22:54:01] cere dot yahoo at gmail dot com

This appears to still be a problem in php4-3.10.  I am having this exact
same problem...though I cannot find a situation that fixes it yet.



[2004-12-19 03:13:46] oliver at realtsp dot com

you were right. just installed php-5.0.3 and the problem has been fixed.
closing this bug


[2004-12-14 13:54:27] oliver at realtsp dot com

I am not in a position to compile 5.0.3RC2. But I have posted this bug:

If this produces no result, I will test again with 5.0.3 when it is


[2004-12-14 13:00:01] danielc

They may, they may not.  Make the point that most PHP functions gladly
accept false/null for optional string arguments without causing

Before that, please try the latest release candidate mentioned in my
prior comment, just to make sure it hasn't been fixed yet.


[2004-12-14 12:43:24] oliver at realtsp dot com

I have searched the php bugs db for entries relating to mysqli_connect
but found nothing.

I am not sure I agree that this is a php problem. Basically mysqli.php
is calling the mysqli_connect() php function with all optional
parameters but failing to provide valid values for some of them (ie the
port and socket params). 

If I say to the php guys, here I want to be able to call
mysqli_connect() with socket=false and expect it to just ignore the
parameter eventhough I have passed it, then they will just tell me to
not do that, right?


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