From: ("wardjk")
Date:  18 Jan 2018 00:16:13 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #7315 [Com]: Freeze Panes - error with only 2 values

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 ID:               7315
 Comment by:       wardjk
 Reported By:      wardjk at comcast dot net
 Summary:          Freeze Panes - error with only 2 values
 Status:           Feedback
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
 Operating System: Windows XP
 PHP Version:      5.1.2
 Assigned To:      progi1984
 New Comment:

This bug still exists in version 0.9.4. All 4 values must still be

Previous Comments:

[2012-01-26 04:31:10] doconnor

Is Bug #17083	a dupe?


[2011-01-10 21:49:15] ecaron

I believe this errors comes from having PHP Notices turned on in the
_storePanes function. I've attached a patch that checkes if the 3rd and
4th value of $panes is set, and then properly checks rwTop and colLeft
later on (so it knows when to use the default values).


[2011-01-10 21:47:20] ecaron

Added #patch


[2009-08-12 09:01:04] progi1984

-Status: Open +Status: Feedback -Assigned To: +Assigned To: progi1984
Thank you for taking the time to report a problem with the package. Unfortunately you are not using a current version of the package -- the problem might already be fixed. Please download a new version from If you are able to reproduce the bug with one of the latest versions, please change the package version on this bug report to the version you tested and change the status back to "Open". Again, thank you for your continued support of PEAR. Could you test with the latest version of the package ? require_once 'Spreadsheet/Excel/Writer.php'; $WB =& new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer(); $sheet1 =& $WB->addWorksheet('Feuille1'); $sheet1->freezePanes(array(6, 0)); $WB->send('test'.date('His').'.xls'); $WB->Close(); Thanks you for advance ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2006-04-05 09:31:01] taggartm at gmail dot com Description: ------------ The documentation states that this should work to freeze the first 6 rows of a worksheets. $worksheet->freezePanes(array(6, 0)); This actually generates an error saying it can't find reference 2 and 3. If you specify all the values then it works just fine. $worksheet->freezePanes(array(6, 0, 0, 0)); Either the code needs to be changed to test how many values are present in the array or the documentation needs to be changed to say it needs all the values. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Edit this bug report at