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Date:  04 Nov 2017 05:19:24 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Req #21252 [Com]: composer.json require pear

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 ID:               21252
 Comment by:       mesa57 at hotmail dot com
 Reported By:      mesa57 at hotmail dot com
 Summary:          composer.json require pear
 Status:           Wont fix
 Type:             Feature/Change Request
 Package:          Net_NNTP
 Operating System: Win 7
 Package Version:  1.5.2
 PHP Version:      HEAD SVN-2017-10-23
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

No, it was more a question. I have forked net_nntp and created a
composer relation to pear_core_minimal 1.10.3 or higher.
I thought that choosing a lower version maybe did not support php 7.1

Is it ok if I include >= 1.10.3 ?

Previous Comments:

[2017-11-03 09:10:58] heino

-Status: Assigned
+Status: Wont fix
The package is tested via, and passes the tests against
PHP v5.4, v5.5, v5.6, v7.0 and 
v7.1, so how does It not support these versions?

If your question relates the the pear-core-minimal package, I believe
the answer were already 
provided in the previous reply...


[2017-11-03 05:12:57] mesa57

What would be the requirements if we want the package to support php 5.4
till 7.1 ?


[2017-10-23 18:10:32] heino

I recognize your point, however I am not sure if using different
requirements in package.xml and 
composer.json is acceptable. I am not aware of current PEAR guidelines
on this subject.

Also changing the requirement to pear-core-minimal would require
upgrading the minimal version 
from 1.4.x to 1.9.5, since this is the first version tagged in the
pear-core-minimal repository. I have 
not looked into possible backward compatibility break between these

I currently do not have time for such non-bug optimizations of this
legacy code. However, if you 
provide a working pull request for a v1.6 branch (with proper updates to
both package.xml and 
composer.json), I will of cause roll a release. Since the package
currently requires php v5.0, pear-
core-minimal should not require anything beyond v1.9.x.


[2017-10-23 17:43:16] heino

-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: heino


[2017-10-23 15:13:54] mesa57

The composer file requires pear which drags in almost 1800 files !
The package pear-core-minimal is enough for net_nntp.
Please change the composer.json require.


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