From: ("lyx")
Date:  07 May 2016 21:30:12 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Req #21017 [Com]: missing IPv6 support for

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 ID:              21017
 Comment by:      lyx
 Reported By:     zenker at punkt dot de
 Summary:         missing IPv6 support for
 Status:          Open
 Type:            Feature/Change Request
 Package:         pearweb
 Package Version: Unknown
 PHP Version:     Irrelevant
 New Comment:

As seen in the previous answer, eUKhost actually DOES support IPv6, at
least for some of its customers. So the question is how
could become one of those IPv6 enabled sites.

Previous Comments:

[2016-01-12 06:10:26] bekreyev

Answer from eUKhost:

We can confirm that this is currently supported on our dedicated
servers. Hope this resolves your query


[2016-01-08 05:59:00] cweiske

eUKhost unfortunately does not offer IPv6 yet.


[2016-01-08 05:56:48] thorny


i had done some research about the impact of missing IPv6 support at the
FreeBSD ports-tree, which is the list of supported software for

There are more than 100 programs which are not fetchable because does not support IPv6
( There is also no AAAA DNS
entry for them:

$ host is an alias for has address

Please at IPv6 support to your servers and enable IPv6 only users to use
the packages :)


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