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Date:  29 Apr 2016 23:23:22 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Req #21059 [Com]: new HTML5 Block-level elements patch

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 ID:               21059
 Comment by:
 Reported By:      webmaster at wackowiki dot org
 Summary:          new HTML5 Block-level elements patch
 Status:           Open
 Type:             Feature/Change Request
 Package:          HTML_Safe
 Package Version:  0.10.1
 PHP Version:      5.6.10
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

I forgot the 'main' and 'nav' tag. 

What about the 'progress' tag?

Previous Comments:

[2016-04-29 08:24:13] wackowiki

added new HTML5 Block-level elements

diff --git a/wacko/lib/safehtml/safehtml.php
--- a/wacko/lib/safehtml/safehtml.php
+++ b/wacko/lib/safehtml/safehtml.php
@@ -222,11 +222,13 @@
      * @var array
     public $closeParagraph = array(
-        'address', 'blockquote', 'center', 'dd',      'dir',      
-        'dl',      'dt',         'h1',     'h2',      'h3',       
-        'h5',      'h6',         'hr',     'isindex', 'listing',  
-        'menu',    'multicol',   'ol',     'p',       'plaintext',
-        'table',   'ul',         'xmp',
+        'address', 'article',    'aside',  'audio',    'blockquote',
+        'center',  'dd',         'dir',    'div',      'dl',        
+        'figure',  'figcaption', 'footer', 'h1',       'h2',        
+        'h4',      'h5',         'h6',     'header',   'hr',        
+        'listing', 'marquee',    'menu',   'multicol', 'ol',        
+        'p',       'plaintext',  'pre',    'section',  'table',     
+        'video',   'xmp',


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