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Date:  19 Apr 2016 15:54:20 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Req #17774 [Com]: Patch: Avoid deprecated function calls

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 ID:              17774
 Comment by:      ildar
 Reported By:     ildar dot aim at gmail dot com
 Summary:         Patch: Avoid deprecated function calls
 Status:          Open
 Type:            Feature/Change Request
 Package:         Cache_Lite
 Package Version: SVN
 PHP Version:     5.3.1
 New Comment:

set_magic_quotes_runtime(), along with its alias magic_quotes_runtime(),
have been removed.

Previous Comments:

[2014-05-10 10:49:17] tacker

-Type: Bug +Type: Feature/Change Request
------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2013-01-06 17:19:06] borisovg In case this helps anyone: having endured the deprecation warnings for several months, I gave up and re-implemented a large chunk of Cache_Lite in PHP5. This is not a complete re-implementation, only the core of Lite.php and Output.php as it is all I use. It is not a drop-in replacement, as I have changed the names of some of the options and and functions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2011-05-13 09:15:09] nahuel I think, since this function is a deprecated one, Cache_Lite should not use it, or at least use it, only if the PHP version support it as non-deprecated. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2010-08-24 03:08:57] doconnor This represents a small BC break for old php with magic quotes on. I think we should put it to the wider QA community to decide if we should do this, and how widely we should publish the BC break (pear blog? do a branch?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2010-08-21 01:59:07] olleolleolle Added #patch bug:17774;patch:avoid_setmagicruntime.patch;revision:1282355947;. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The remainder of the comments for this report are too long. To view the rest of the comments, please view the bug report online at -- Edit this bug report at