From: ("mesa57")
Date:  05 Apr 2016 05:42:28 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #20941 [Com]: NNTP Client unstable with PHP 5.5.25+ / 5.6.11+

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 ID:               20941
 Comment by:       mesa57
 Reported By:      mesa57 at hotmail dot com
 Summary:          NNTP Client unstable with PHP 5.5.25+ / 5.6.11+
 Status:           Bogus
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Net_NNTP
 Operating System: N/A
 Package Version:  Forked version of Net_NNTP
 PHP Version:      5.5.28
 New Comment:

This problem also occurs when I use the unmodified pear package (1.5.0
stable). So please reopen.

Previous Comments:

[2015-08-21 17:02:11] heino

-Status: Open +Status: Bogus -Package Version: Unknown +Package Version: Forked version of Net_NNTP
The code at is a modified version of Net_NNTP (forked Sep 6, 2011). Since this bug is not known to affect Net_NNTP, it is considered bogus - at leat until it has been verified on an actual version of Net_NNTP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2015-08-21 09:58:23] heino Based on the error message ("Failed to read from socket..."), the problem seem to originate from the silenced call to fgets() at line 294 of your included version of Net_NNTP ( Try removing the at-sign in front of fgets(), or add something like "var_dump(error_get_last());" in front of line 296. By the way, a reproducible problem (as it is described on the the provided link) could have to be accompanied by more detail... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2015-08-21 08:52:49] ravefiend Description: ------------ Reference: The NNTP Client is shown to be unstable with the latest PHP releases that have been released since early 2015. When using SSL connections, after some time the connection gets terminated with the message 'Failed to read ...' Actual result: -------------- Fatal error occured while connecting to the newsserver: (-1) Failed to read from socket...! [response: ""] #0 /volume1/web/NNTP/Protocol/Client.php(296): Net_NNTP_Protocol_Client->throwError('Failed to read ...') #1 /volume1/web/NNTP/Protocol/Client.php(279): Net_NNTP_Protocol_Client->_getStatusResponse() #2 /volume1/web/NNTP/Protocol/Client.php(1759): Net_NNTP_Protocol_Client->_sendCommand('XOVER 425087-43...') #3 /volume1/web/NNTP/Client.php(1000): Net_NNTP_Protocol_Client->cmdXOver('425087-430087') #4 /volume1/web/lib/services/Nntp/Services_Nntp_Engine.php(137): ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Edit this bug report at