From: ("igitur")
Date:  21 May 2015 02:20:37 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #18560 [Com]: static PEAR:isError function is not declared static

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 ID:              18560
 Comment by:      igitur
 Reported By:     igitur at gmail dot com
 Summary:         static PEAR:isError function is not declared static
 Status:          Wont fix
 Type:            Bug
 Package:         PEAR
 Package Version: SVN
 PHP Version:     Irrelevant
 New Comment:

Is PHP4 still supported? I'm not sure, but I suspect PHP5.3+ is
required. If so, can this issue be fixed?

Previous Comments:

[2011-06-01 03:26:40] dufuz

-Status: Open +Status: Wont fix
This is not a problem due to this code being PHP 4 compatible but mostly that it wasn't always documented as static. Backwards compatibility has to be kept to the various code bases that either extend the PEAR class or use it via object model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ [2011-05-24 21:04:16] keisial Description: ------------ PEAR:isError() function is documented[1] as being a static function. However, the function declaration[2] is *not* static which yield E_STRICT errors in modern PHP versions. Other functions there also need that change, but PEAR::isError() is one of the worst offenders. Given that static functions are even compatible with the EOLed PHP4, I expecte there is no problem in adding one keyword there. 1- 2- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Edit this bug report at