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Date:  15 Apr 2015 18:21:46 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #20514 [Com]: invalid package.xml; not installable with pyrus

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 ID:               20514
 Comment by:
 Reported By:      ivan at cdmon dot com
 Summary:          invalid package.xml; not installable with pyrus
 Status:           Closed
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Archive_Tar
 Operating System: Debian
 PHP Version:      5.4.38
 Assigned To:      mrook
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[2015-04-15 11:21:26] piticli

I try de new version and now works fine! ;)


[2015-04-14 14:18:18] mrook

-Status:      Open
+Status:      Closed
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: mrook
This bug has been fixed in SVN.

If this was a documentation problem, the fix will appear on
by the end of next Sunday (CET).

If this was a problem with the website, the change should
be live shortly.

Otherwise, the fix will appear in the package's next release.

Thank you for the report and for helping us make PEAR better.


[2015-03-25 12:01:56] piticli

Alsin thanks for the reply, but I just found where the package.xml in
debian download for editing.

However this did not happen with the previous version of PEAR, so I
understand it is very simple to correct for them releasing a new version
to correct this problem.


[2015-03-23 16:44:33] alsin


Just for anyone who's met up with this problem: you can go inside the
'downloads' folder of the pyrus, de-archive the Archive_Tar-1.3.15.tar.
The result should be the Archive_Tar-1.3.15 folder and the package.xml.
Inside the package.xml there's a  tag missing in the first
 of the . Just add there the tags with some date and
save. Then remove the original .tar archive and create a new one at its
place with the same name from the de-archived Archive_Tar-1.3.15 folder
and the package.xml you've just edited. Then go to the console and
install the Archive_Tar from your local .tar by specifying this command:
C:\path\to\php.exe C:\path\to\pyrus.phar install
path/to/pear/downloads/Archive_Tar-1.3.15.tar. The installation should
succeed now. And from now on you can install the PEAR itself.


[2015-03-11 18:35:13] cweiske

-Package: PEAR
+Package: Archive_Tar


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