Date:  16 Feb 2015 07:05:06 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #20442 [Opn->Csd]: Fatal Error: Cannot find XML definition file when

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 ID:               20442
 Updated by:
 Reported By:      joel dot aldor at gmail dot com
 Summary:          Fatal Error: Cannot find XML definition file when
-Status:           Open
+Status:           Closed
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          PHP_UML
 Operating System: Windows 8.1
 Package Version:  1.6.1
 PHP Version:      5.5.11
-Assigned To:      
+Assigned To:      baptiste
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

-Status:      Open
+Status:      Closed
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: baptiste
Thank you for your bug report. This issue has been fixed
in the latest released version of the package, which you can download at

Fixed in last release

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[2014-11-24 22:05:43] baptiste

The first warning says that PHP_UML has not enough permission to read
your input file.
Solution: just modify the security settings of the file you want to
analyse (under Windows 7 and later versions, this typically happens with
the files located under the user directory, C:\Users\...)

The second warning is more annoying, as it seems to suggest that the
XSLT PHP extension no longer accepts a particular code it used to
accept. I'll have to look at it further, but cannot in a short term.
Quick fix if you can't wait: simply delete the line 93 in
.../pear/PHP/UML/Output/Html/documentation-common.xsl. It should do the
trick, though I can't promise.

The third warning is a consequence of the second.


[2014-11-24 08:22:37] joelaldor

Hi Baptiste,

Was able to uninstall and reinstall PHPUML. Installation now looks OK,
as far as typing "phpuml -
h" is concerned. However I now get this error message whenever I type
the phpuml command.

re\..): failed to open stream: Permission denied in
put\PHP\ParserImpl.php on line 182

Warning: XSLTProcessor::importStylesheet(): compilation error: file
ampp/php/pear/PHP/UML/Output/Html/documentation-common.xsl line 93
element attri
bute in C:\xampp\php\pear\PHP\UML\Output\ExporterXSL.php on line 194

Warning: XSLTProcessor::importStylesheet(): xsl:attribute: The attribute
name 'x
mlns' is not allowed. in
C:\xampp\php\pear\PHP\UML\Output\ExporterXSL.php on lin
e 194

Warning: XSLTProcessor::transformToDoc(): No stylesheet associated to
this objec
t in C:\xampp\php\pear\PHP\UML\Output\ExporterXSL.php on line 201

Any help from you? Merci!



[2014-11-20 10:24:36] baptiste

PHP_UML delegates its CLI management to another PEAR package:
From your error message, it seems that a class of this package can't
find a file. Maybe your current install of Console_CommandLine is
Which version of Console_CommandLine is currently installed in your

You may try to uninstall completely PHP_UML as well as
Console_CommandLine, and then reinstall PHP_UML : PEAR should then
automatically reinstall Console_CommandLine at the same time.


[2014-11-20 06:53:32] joelaldor

I get this error mesasge when I try to enter parsing commands to convert


Fatal error: XML definition file 
ta\xmlschema.rng" does not exists or is not readable in 
e\CommandLine.php on line 843


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