Date:  31 Jan 2015 00:15:13 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #19895 [Opn]: broken digit conversion in lang.tr_TR

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 ID:               19895
 Updated by:
 Reported By:      msc at istanbul dot com
 Summary:          broken digit conversion in lang.tr_TR
 Status:           Open
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Numbers_Words
 Operating System: Centos
 Package Version:  0.16.4
 PHP Version:      5.4.14
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

Can you give a link to the pull request in Github please? Currently it
does not appear as fixed.

Previous Comments:

[2015-01-29 17:24:42] shehriyari

This has been fixed in Github. Please close.


[2013-04-12 11:51:52] msc1

600.50 produces "alt? y羹z TL elli Kr" but 611.50 produces the 
same "alt? y羹z TL elli Kr".

Test script:

Expected result:
 "alt? y羹z on bir TL elli Kr"

Actual result:
"alt? y羹z TL elli Kr"


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