Date:  30 Dec 2014 19:58:00 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #20475 [Asn]: Channel not containing nicks

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 ID:               20475
 Updated by:
 Reported By:      sem dot schilder at gmail dot com
 Summary:          Channel not containing nicks
 Status:           Assigned
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Net_SmartIRC
 Operating System: Mac OSX Yosemite
 Package Version:  1.1.5
 PHP Version:      5.6.4
 Assigned To:      garrettw
 Roadmap Versions: 
 New Comment:

Turns out that wasn't the problem.
First half of the issue is that Freenode redirects the bot from joining
#test to joining ##fix_your_mind instead. Not sure why that happens to
the bot when it doesn't happen to me when I /join #test in a normal
Second half is that parsing for RPL_NAMREPLY and RPL_WHOREPLY is not
implemented correctly, which I'm working on fixing.

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[2014-12-30 10:17:14] garrettw

-Status:      Open
+Status:      Assigned
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: garrettw
After looking at the code in example3.php, I think the problem could be
related to how the code tells the #smartirc-test channel that it's
listing ops joined to that same channel, when in fact it is listing the
ops joined to #test instead.

I'll be testing that hypothesis soon and if it's correct, the bug will
be fixed quickly.


[2014-12-29 22:22:23] xvilo

-Summary: Channel not container nicks
+Summary: Channel not containing nicks


[2014-12-29 22:20:50] xvilo

The $channel variable is not containing any users... So the code is 
not working

Test script:

Expected result:
List of users

Actual result:


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