Date:  30 Nov 2014 06:54:16 Hong Kong Time

[PEAR-BUG] Bug #20455 [Opn]: packet archive contains only package.xml

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 ID:               20455
 Updated by:
 Reported By:      pschmidt99 at freenet dot de
 Summary:          packet archive contains only package.xml
 Status:           Open
 Type:             Bug
 Package:          Date_Holidays_Spain
 Package Version:  0.1.3
 PHP Version:      Irrelevant
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+Assigned To:      kguest
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+Assigned To: kguest

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[2014-11-29 14:33:39] #a2bb37e450864eccfc8

The current archive for manual installation seems to contain the
package.xml file only. There is no driver file or something else.


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