From: (Pierre Joye)
Date:  18 Sep 2013 04:12:32 Hong Kong Time

Re: [INTERNALS-WIN] Full x64 for Windows Update????

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On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:58 AM, Jorge F. Hernandez wrote:

>  Hello Pierre,
> I understand you guys are getting annoyed with me asking the same
> question over and over again, but as you might recall, first I got a
> "Probably in version 5.5" 5.5 came out and it's just experimental, most
> of the x64 capabilities are not available, like memory_limit, then you guys
> told me "Maybe in version 5.6", all I'm asking is for an update saying:"we are at 25%, 50%,
> 75% of all the work that needs to be done, we plan it to be ready by
> xx/xx/xxxx" or something like that.
> I hope you also understand me, I'm just a Linux guy that wants to throw
> in my manager's face that PHP is better than ASP in Windows.

x64 won't make it necessary better. It won't be much faster, if at all.

The only thing that x64 will bring is large integer support, large file
support and the likes.

From a performance point of view we are in a pretty good shape now:

It is already very good in 5.4 and simply gets better in 5.5 :)

As of the % of the work being done, we are at 5%.