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Date:  08 Jan 2013 22:45:32 Hong Kong Time

Re: [PHP-WEBMASTER] PHP for Windows x64

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All I saw in PHP Internals Windows was one for x86 not for x64.

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>>On Wed, Jan 2, 2013 at 11:37 AM, Jorge F. Hernandez
>> wrote:
>> > Hey guys, can you get and post this in your website? or at least 
>>post where
>> > to get the x64 deps for PHP-SDK so we can build it.
>>Is it not available on ?
>>If not, you'll have to ask the guys on
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>see also this recent discussion: 
>Jan brought up some issues that some php-sdk dependencies not being 
>available for x64, and how to get it/what are the pitfalls, etc.
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