From: (Anatol Belski)
Date:  30 Dec 2018 03:09:18 Hong Kong Time

RE: [INTERNALS-WIN] --enable-native-intrinsics issue

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> On 28.12.2018 at 20:38, Anatol Belski wrote:
> > Still, binaries generated to use more recent CPU features might show
> better results. Snapshots currently produce AVX optimized binaries for 7.3
> and master.
> Are you referring to the binaries from
> , or to the PHP 7.3.0 binaries from
> <.  If the latter that would explain
>  (the machine doesn't support AVX), and
> would likely be something we'd have to document.
Nope, snapshots are the former. The snapshots are the regular QA snapshots which of course don't target production. The releases page only deliver SSE2 builds and the zipballs base on the release tags. But as of 7.3 there's a dynamic feature discovery for some functions, as mentioned earlier. That might be an issue in base64 implementation under some virtualization technology. The bug you've linked seems similar to except that it seems to crash. Probably it would make sense to ask for a backtrace.