From: (Kalle Sommer Nielsen)
Date:  29 Dec 2018 02:37:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: [INTERNALS-WIN] --enable-native-intrinsics issue

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Hi Christoph

Den fre. 28. dec. 2018 kl. 19.05 skrev Christoph M. Becker :
> Hi!
> I've just noticed the --enable-native-intrinsics configure option, and
> did the following on a machine which does not support AVX2:
>   configure --disable-all --enable-cli --enable-debug
> --enable-native-intrinsics=avx2
> The build succeeds (without particular warning), but running `php -v`
> crashes the program with:
>   Exception thrown at 0x00007FFC7ED8F70A (php7ts_debug.dll) in php.exe:
> 0xC000001D: Illegal Instruction.
> Wouldn't it be possible to somehow detect missing support for certain
> required SIMD extension sets, and bail out gracefully (including
> reporting the problem) if the executable can't run on the present machine?

This is detectable, but I don't think it is through JS (even with the
shell script objects), could you open a FR and assign it to me as I
got an idea to something I maybe can patch up in the weekend for this?


Kalle Sommer Nielsen