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Date:  07 Feb 2017 00:33:14 Hong Kong Time

RE: [PHP-WIN] New PHP SDK for Windows

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> Subject: [PHP-WIN] New PHP SDK for Windows
> Hi,
> I'm working on the new Windows PHP SDK. So far, some usable alpha state is
> reached. It is compatible with PHP-7.0 and the current SDK and contains
> additional new features. The essential changes in the new SDK are
> - starter scripts included, making the environment setup easier
> - updated tools, including bison 3.0.2
> - more tools including sed, awk and others based on MSYS2
> - new tool for dependency update automation
> The current state is reachable under
> I would like to call everyone interested to please check and provide
> and PRs. Other useful tools can be invented on the base of the new SDK.
> Production usage is not yet recommended, but the more feedback is there
> - the closer it'll be. The plan is to replace the current PHP SDK with the
new one
> in foreseable future for PHP 7 builds, maybe also to backport for the 5.x
> This also correlates with the upcoming AppVeyor integration, and both
tasks in
> general are directed to improve the QA and experience situation when
> PHP on Windows.
> Please check more on the github README page. If some tool is missing or is
> worth it to be implemented, please create a ticket. A new
step-by-step-build wiki
> page will also need to be created, once the new SDK was considered stable.
> would also ask to migrate the linked repository to, meanwhile
the PR
> can be accepted on the OSTC repository page.
So far the point was reached, so then the current new binary tools SDK
implementation is close to stable. For about two months already, all the
AppVeyor builds use the new SDK, the current master snapshots use it as
well. Many people reported good experiences with it, some bugs were fixed
and more improvements was made. At this point, I've also started to adapt
the documentation and the actual
plan for the next 2-3 weeks is

- move the further development into the master of php-sdk-binary-tools
- if someone from systems has time, still please add this repo to
- do a stable release of the binary tools 2.0.0
- make PHP 7.2 to require the new binary tools and solve

I'd appreciate any help with the wiki doc page. Some quite exhaustive
information is also available on the SDK's own readme page in the git repo,
which might make less sense to be duplicated on the wiki. Still, I could
miss something, so any review is useful. Any further tests on the SDK itself
were ofc welcome, too.