From: ("Christoph M. Becker")
Date:  16 Nov 2016 22:43:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: New PHP SDK for Windows

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Hi Anatol!

On 31.10.2016 at 18:01, Anatol Belski wrote:

> I'm working on the new Windows PHP SDK. So far, some usable alpha state is
> reached. It is compatible with PHP-7.0 and the current SDK and contains
> additional new features. The essential changes in the new SDK are
> - starter scripts included, making the environment setup easier
> - updated tools, including bison 3.0.2
> - more tools including sed, awk and others based on MSYS2
> - new tool for dependency update automation
> The current state is reachable under
> I would like to call everyone interested to please check and provide
> feedback and PRs. Other useful tools can be invented on the base of the new
> SDK. Production usage is not yet recommended, but the more feedback is there
> - the closer it'll be. The plan is to replace the current PHP SDK with the
> new one in foreseable future for PHP 7 builds, maybe also to backport for
> the 5.x tree. This also correlates with the upcoming AppVeyor integration,
> and both tasks in general are directed to improve the QA and experience
> situation when building PHP on Windows.
> Please check more on the github README page. If some tool is missing or is
> worth it to be implemented, please create a ticket. A new step-by-step-build
> wiki page will also need to be created, once the new SDK was considered
> stable. I would also ask to migrate the linked repository to,
> meanwhile the PR can be accepted on the OSTC repository page.

I still hadn't had the time to have a closer look at the new SDK, but
finally managed to at least quickly check it out – it looks very
promising.  Thanks for the good work again, Anatol!

Christoph M. Becker