From: (Jean Louis)
Date:  25 Sep 2014 01:30:51 Hong Kong Time

Limit of opened files under PHP ?

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Hi Php Team,

I use PHP on many projects (under Linux, Windows, ...), on many
systems (Linux shared or dedicated
servers, Windows desktop or server) and use this great software as
much as posible ^^

On one of these projects, I use PHP as a windows service (or command
line process with php page)
that works about 1000 remotes sites.

I use curl_multi_exec with a process on these 1000 sites and haven't
any problem with the process.

I recently decided to trace logs of process per site.

The problem is I have 509 files on 1000 which are wrote correctly
(each about 10 Kb) but the 491 other
files stay at 0 Kb.

After google searches, it's a limit of maximum opened files per
process on Windows (seems 512 - stdin, stdout, stderr = 509).

See :


Is there a way that php set (per exemple via ini_set) this limit to
another value before I launch my
curl_multi_exec process (I don't find it in the source code of PHP)?

Regards, Jean Louis.