From: (Stephen Zarkos)
Date:  16 Sep 2014 03:32:12 Hong Kong Time

RE: [INTERNALS-WIN] When, When, When???

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> From: Jorge F. Hernandez []
> Somebody please tell us when PHP is finally going to have FULL x64 capability
> for Guidows?
> x64 technology has been out for over 10 years now, how much longer do we
> need to wait until this is completed?
> The last post in the link at asks who was going to
> continue this after Anthony left, but nothing else after that.
> Thanks.

I would recommend you check out the internals mailing list archive.  We've been working on this for many months and there have been numerous RFCs about this.  The work was "completed" quite a while ago, but the difficulty has been merging this into a release branch.

We first wanted to have this in PHP 5.6, but ran into some friction with that so now it's targeted for PHP 7.  Anatol recently merged our patches with PHPNG in the master branch.