From: (Hannes Magnusson)
Date:  16 Jun 2014 14:30:07 Hong Kong Time

Re: [PHP-DEV] Re: [PECL-DEV] Windows Snapshot builds

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On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 9:06 PM, Pierre Joye  wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 14, 2014 at 10:51 PM, Hannes Magnusson
>  wrote:
>> So the current build infrastructure is abandoned and this 'pickle'
>> tool, which currently actually doesn't have much of any functionality
>> or even really discussed, is the new official Windows build
>> infrastructure?
>> Buddy. Don't be so daft. Even if this tool at some point gains
>> capabilities to compile PECL extensions on Windows, it is not the
>> service we have been talking about in this thread.
>> Please keep your remarks relevant to the discussion at hand.
>> We are discussing the Windows build service for PECL packages.
>> Not a 'pecl install' replacement. Just the build service so I can ask
>> it to do snapshot for my development code so I can see if it builds on
>> Windows.
>> If you do not understand the discussion then do us all a favor and
>> keep to yourself rather then wasting everyones time with needless
>> irrelevant derailing and lies.
> What does rmtools?
> - download src from git repo, limited support
> - build from src
> - eventually package the build (but not always fully correctly, not in
> an automated way for pecl)
> - rmtools repo contains pecl deps, especially fo windows, duplicate informations
> - analyze build process logs, store and send them to the authors
> - transform logs in a human readable way
> - upload snaps, semi automatically
> What pickle does or will do
> - existing extension information are used to generate the package info
> (json instead of xml), no information duplication
> - fetch src from any src (http, git + tag support, etc.)
> - install from any src too
> - dependencies are stored in the extension repository, as part of the
> config, no information duplication
> - package the extension build, always, with deps when necessary (some
> libs are already available in core)
> - provide simple interface (cmd line and APIs) to build extensions
> What does that tell us?
> Only the analyzers and log parser will need to be ported to pickle or
> keep in rmtools. The upload of snapshots package will be kept in
> rmtools as well. Everything else is managed by pickle directly.
> Developers will use the same tools than we will use to generate
> snapshots. The same tools than users will use to install ext (if they
> do not relylinux package managements). Easy, simple, consistent.
>> I appreciate your understanding and maturity in this matter.
> I appreciate your sudden interest in trying to improve pecl snapshots,
> but i have zero understanding for your bashing, sorry.

A quick scan of my mailbox tells me you lied to us for over 5 years
about the development of a Windows build infrastructure.
One, out of countless, can be found here:
This is not the only time your grave lies have severely hindered the
development of PHP or related projects - but this time you will not be
in my way.

I am not holding my breath for another project of your that is "ready
next week" - but in reality take 5+ years to be deployed.

I will wait for Anatol to get back from his vacation so I can discuss
this with an adult that has actually delivered something and seems to
be keen on continued development of it.

Please consider yourself as blacklisted from this thread.

I have asked you before to leave me alone: and for example.
I beg you again. Let me be in piece. Stop sending me emails.