From: ("Anatol Belski")
Date:  28 Apr 2014 19:19:42 Hong Kong Time

Re: [INTERNALS-WIN] Error muilding PHP on Win32: fatal error C1900: Il mismatch between 'P1' version '20100826' and 'P2' version '20080116'

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Hi Dmitry,

On Mon, April 28, 2014 12:06, Dmitry Koterov wrote:
> Hello.
> Adding of "--with-iconv" switch breaks Win32 build (WinXP SP3, VC9, PHP
> 5.3
> and 5.5). Without "--with-iconv" everything builds fine. The log is below.
> Could you please say how to fix this? I tried to reinstall everything
> according to to a
> clean virtual machine with WinXP SP3 (2 times), even tried to install SP1
>  for VC9 - no luck. BTW the same error is displayed for PHP 5.5 as well.
> Also googled a lot, but except "reinstall everything" (which does not
> help) I found no recommendations.
Installing the SP1 is the exact solution, but you have to care about the
installation order - first be sure there is nothing more update for the
SDK. There is no other fix except the one described in the wiki. All the
dependency libraries are built with SP1 version of the VS2008, so it is

With PHP 5.5 - please do not use VC9 to compile 5.5, several things won't
work. VC11 is used for 5.5+. Also please note that PHP-5.5 doesn't support
Windows XP anymore, so you'll probably need a never OS. More info can be
obtained in UPGRADING and UPGRADING.INTERNALS. As a side note - though 5.4
still supports Winxp, the support for WinXP itself is discontinued by
MSFT, so be aware.