From:  "lmac" <>
Date:  14 Nov 2006 18:36:47 Hong Kong Time

threads, JS components, proxy


In my extension I use threads, JS components and proxies. As a
reference example I took Threaddemo extension at

But both my extension and the Threaddemo
give me errors like this (I use debug build of firefox, Linux):

!!!!! XPConnect wrapper thread use error...
  XPConnect WrappedNative is being accessed on multiple threads but the
underlying native xpcom object does not have a nsIClassInfo with the
'THREADSAFE' flag set
  wrapper: [xpconnect wrapped nsIEventQueueService @ 0x999be28 (native
@ 0x8f77118)]
  JS call stack...

I'd like to ask any XPCOM-thread-guru to look at the Threaddemo and let
know what is wrong there and how the threads/proxy/components should be
used properly and thread-safely.

Thanks a lot.