Date:  10 Apr 2006 19:25:29 Hong Kong Time

xpcom component not installing on firefox 1.5


Some time ago I wrote an XPCOM component for use with Firefox v1.0.2.
The component  worked perfectly. The component was developed as a c++
dll. I have now being asked to check that the component will work with
the latest Firefox (v1.5.0.1). I had hoped it would just work as I'd
developed the component using only frozen XPCOM interfaces.
Unfortunately this isn't the case.
The problem I'm having actually seems to be around "installing" the
The way I install my component is as follows (note: I'm testing on
windows XP Pro);
1) copy the dll into the components directory where Firefox is
2) touch the .autoreg file
3) restart Firefox.

Previously if I opened the compreg.dat file I'd see my component had
been added. This isn't happening now - in fact it seems as if Firefox
isn't even trying to register my component.
Using File Monitor I watched my dll to see if Firefox was trying to
load it. What I noticed was that Firefox was looking for two files
called MyDLLName.dll.2.Manifest and MyDLLName.dll.2.Config. It couldn't
find these files and so seems not to have tried load my dll/ I've been
searching the web for some info on these two files but can't find
anything. I'm guessing the .Manifest file has the same format as the
install.rdf file that I see mentioned in several places. I have no idea
what the .Config file looks like.
To be honest I'm not even sure if creating these two files will
actually sort my problem for me.

Has anyone any ideas on what could be wrong here. If it is simply a
case of creating these files can someone point me at an example of what
they need to look like.
As I say the component dll I've written works just fine with v1.0.2
Firefox and the fact it's not even being register leads me to believe
that hopefully it's just a matter of figuring out how to register the
dll with newer versions of Firefox.