From:  "KAMA Software" <>
Date:  23 Jan 2006 01:11:15 Hong Kong Time

[ANN] HelpExplorer version 3.0 has been released.


We have released the cross-platform document viewer HelpExplorer version
HelpExplorer version 3.0 has comprehensive implementation on the DINO
(Gecko-Delphi Framework)
and it is available for two platforms Win32 and Linux.

Feature Benefit:

Being a cross-platform help viewer, HelpExplorer provides you with an
extended set of features that you can engage when working with help files
via it:

Allows viewing WinHelp (.HLP) files.
Allows viewing MS HTML Help 1.x (.CHM) files.
Allows viewing MS Help 2.0 (.HxS) files.
Includes implementations for several platforms. Currently, these are Win32
and Linux.
Supports the "Merge Files" function for all help formats it can display.
Supports key phrase searching (also known as full-text searching), which is
carried out through the content of the main help file and the files added to
it by the "Merge Files" function.
Supports the work with indexed keywords for all help formats it can display.
Supports the work with a table of contents for all help formats it can
Supports merging the tables of contents for several help files linked
Supports standard hyperlinks for all help formats it can display.
Supports all standard image formats: BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF.
Allows integrating WinHelp macros not only into WinHelp files but also into
HTML Help files.
Fully supports embedded Flash movies.
Displays the contents of multi-window help files in several windows.
Traces the history of already viewed topics of a given help file and lets
you quickly navigate to any of these topics.
Can be easily integrated into any application. You just need to link
helpexplapi.dll for Win32 or for Linux to your application
and call the InvokeHelp function.
The integration API enables context sensitive help via alias names and
numeric help context identifiers.
Allows changing the font size when displaying a help file.
Allows customizing its user interface.
Supports file name aliasing, which lets you avoid file name compatibility
problems between Linux and Windows.
Supports font name aliasing for WinHelp format, which lets you avoid font
name compatibility problems between Linux and Windows.
Works with files of large sizes with the same performance as with smaller

The HelpExplorer integration package includes special means used to
integrate HelpExplorer's functionality into your applications written in
Borland Delphi or Borland Kylix. Namely, this is the file HelpexplSys.pas,
which implements the help viewing interfaces ICustomHelpViewer,
IExtendedHelpViewer, ISpecialWinHelpViewer.

Follow this link for more details:

Follow this link to download the latest version:

Best regards, Dmitry
KAMA Software