From:  "R.V. Gronoff" <>
Date:  08 May 2006 05:36:34 Hong Kong Time

Re: How do I get Windows Media Player v9/v10 to show up in Mozilla v1.7.12?


Ant a écrit :
> I am using Windows XP Pro. SP2 and Mozilla v1.7.12 on two different 
> computers.
> At home, Mozilla uses Windows Media Player (WMP) v9 when playing back 
> WMV files in Web pages (e.g., likes the ones on 
> I also can fast forward once it gets enough 
> buffers/feeds(?). At work, it looks like WMP v6.4 is playing and I 
> cannot fast forward even when buffered/fed enough.
> At first, I thought it was file type associations but that doesn't seem 
> to change.
> Thank you in advance. :)

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