From:  gwtc <TheNewGWTC-64-110-101-116-115-99-97-112-101-46-110-101-116>
Date:  17 Feb 2006 01:49:52 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla 1.7.12 Password Mgr won't really log out


QuienEs wrote:

> 1st, if there are better newsgroups to ask about this pls tell me.
> Environment is XP, home and Pro, SP1
> Recently upgraded 2 PCs to Mozilla 1.7.12
> On them if I do  
> tools/password manager/log out 
> I get a confirm "You are now logged out".
> Problem is, I am NOT really logged out, I can go right back and manage
> and display my passwords.   Re-booting the PC and/or closing and
> restarting Mozilla doesn't help.

What do you mean by "NOT realy logged out?"  Logged out of what?

> This works fine on a 3rd PC, same environment, running Mozilla 1.7.3
> Questions are, is this a know problem,  is there a workaround ?
> Cheers, QE in NJ