From:  "William B. (Billby)" <>
Date:  28 Jun 2012 16:06:25 Hong Kong Time

Re: Google and seamonkey version 2.10.1


On 28/06/2012 2:55 PM, wrote:
> Eugene A. Calame wrote:
>> I downloaded sea Monkey version 2.10.1 and ever since I have not been able to see the
>> graph of a stock downloaded from google finance. All the data is there but the graph
>> showing the actions of the stock. I can see the graphs on safari and explorer browsers.
>> Until I downloaded 2.10.1 I had no problems accessing the data.
>> Does anyone have the solution to my problem? I am not a computer whiz kid so please
>> keep the solution as simple as possible.
>> :-)
>> Eugene A. Calame
>> Austin, Texas
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> As you are seeing, this newsgroup isn't used much anymore.
> You're much more likely to get a reply by subscribing to and posting to

Would you mind explaining how you access those groups?
I don't know if the previous poster can get them but I have
access to three Usenet News servers and none of them provide
those two groups, or are helpful in getting them...