Date:  22 Jan 2006 17:00:50 Hong Kong Time

superreview requested: [Bug 323472] Crash when Places imports FF1.5 bookmarks : [Attachment 209262] patch


Brian Ryner  has asked Darin Fisher  for
Bug 323472: Crash when Places imports FF1.5 bookmarks

Attachment 209262: patch

------- Additional Comments from Brian Ryner 
The first part of this patch is pretty straightforward.  I changed the
LivemarkInfo objects to be heap-allocated so we don't have to worry about them

I noticed another problem though -- it seems like we need to clean up somehow
if a livemark is removed when there's a pending LivemarkLoadListener for that
livemark.  I added a channel pointer to the LivemarkInfo object, and cancel the
channel before removing the livemark.  I think this should be ok -- darin, am I
missing any cases where I could end up with a dangling channel pointer, or the
pointer wouldn't get cleared as expected, or OnStopRequest could still fire
after the livemark is removed?