From:  Marja <>
Date:  06 Sep 2005 11:41:59 Hong Kong Time

Re: problems with loading RDF datasource after using XMLHttpRequest GET


Axel Hecht wrote:
> Marja wrote:
>> I have the following problem: I get Error: 2152596467 in 
>> XMLSinkObserver onError when trying to load local rdf file mytmp.rdf 
>> with nsIRDFService GetDataSource.
>> This happens only when I have first used XMLhttpRequest http GET to 
>> load and saved that to the same local 
>> file mytmp.rdf. I can see the file and it's content with no problems 
>> before the datasource load happens in my desktop.
>> If I load the same file mytmp.rdf as a datasource in a separate 
>> session I have no problems.
>> Maybe XMLhttpRequest leaves something open that interferes with 
>> GetDataSource() but I haven't find any clues of what that might be. I 
>> even abort the XMLhttpRequest after the loaded content was stored to 
>> the local file hoping that would close some pipes but it did not help.
>> Any ideas where to find help?
> Axel

Thanks Axel!

This helped a lot. I realized that my file actually had .tmp as an 
ending. After I changed the it to .rdf it started working in all cases. 
(Although I'm still not exactly sure why GetDataSource() would try to 
parse datasource as HTML in some cases.)

Now I'm just wondering where I can find these error codes myself next 
time. did not accept numbers and google was not much help.