From:  vaab <>
Date:  19 Apr 2005 23:08:03 Hong Kong Time

Re: sharing RDF datasource between iframes or through reload


This is what I observed and used, sorry for not understanding all you 
might have explained ;), I understand that if my code is built on 
javascript bugs, this is not really clean ;)

In a basic script I have this line :

var ds = RDF.GetDataSource("rdf:composite-datasource");

which I've read about, and is supposed to load a composite-datasource. 
This datasource is the same through reload. This led to strange problem 
as I did a :


which was stacking new references to databases in the composite 
datasource above precedent loaded in previous reload. As I use massively 
the reload button, my application tended to :
- slow down
- render strange results (deleted RDF assertions were always showing up...)

When I found the cause of my problems, I've written this code :

var enumerator = ds.GetDataSources();
enumerator = enumerator.

while(enumerator.hasMoreElements()) {

Which would empty my composite datasource each time the page reloads.

I posted this here to be clearer in my experiments. I'have some question 
: am I fighting against the odd caching artifact or not ? How can you 
call a brand new datasource each time ? is this correct :

var memds = Components