From:  Mike Fedyk <>
Date:  13 Jan 2004 05:57:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: Thunderbird: Web links and default mailer in KDE


Neil Williams wrote:
> Hi
> I really like Thunderbird, which I run on a KDE 3.1.4 desktop. However, 
> I have a couple of small issues and hope someone on the list can point 
> me in the right direction.
> When I click on Web links in a message nothing happens. I have to cut 
> and paste the link into my browser rather than 1 click to open a browser 
> window that points at the desired location.

Are you using the binaries or a packaged version?

Debian does it for me automatically, so I haven't had to do anything to 
get it working for me.

> Secondly, I've set up Thunderbird as my KDE email client but this fails 
> to work at it should.

What does this mean?

> Any hints, tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

What's your dist?