From:  "yekerui" <>
Date:  02 Jun 2006 00:24:27 Hong Kong Time

xpt file can't be loaded into firefox from a specified directory


Hi, All:
    I have met a strange problem with firefox that xpt file can not be 
loaded into firefox from a specified directory. I followed the site at to set 
all of registries as required. Also I looked at registries setting from 
other companies. Registriy setting should be correct.

   If I put both the files npYVerInfo.dll and nsIYVerInfo.xpt into the 
directory C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins, everything works 
correctly without any problems. If I put the both files into a new directory 
other than C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins with setting regsitries 
as showed at the site, firefox 
can see the npYVerInfo.dll only. I can debug it from Visual C++ 6. The 
strange thing is that xpt file can't be loaded into firefox and all of 
javascript calls fail, even though I set the XPTPath to point to the 
directory and the file nsIYVerInfo.xpt.

    Please give me help! I am running out ideas. I tried to do internet 
seach, but I found nothing.