From:  gwtc <TheNewGWTC@n375c4p3.n37>
Date:  25 May 2006 00:05:34 Hong Kong Time

Re: Can't see VC2003 COM/plugins but can see VC++ 6 plugins in mozilla browser


yekerui wrote:
> Hi, All:
>     I am porting a number of IE activeX control to Mozilla browsers by use 
> of XPCOM. Our activeX com controls are written using either Visual C++ 6 or 
> Visual C++ 2003. I like to merge xpcom C++ codes with activeX com control 
> code which was written from visual C++ 2003. Merging two piceces of codes 
> helps us easily distribute dlls. However, I have met a problem that firefox 
> can see the plugin written from Visual C++ 6, but the plugin merged with 
> Visual C++ 2003 and activeX com control can not be seen from firefox. I have 
> worked with the problem for more than 10 hours, but can not find a trick 
> leading the problem. I searched the problem for a long time, but no clues 
> can help me out.
>    Looking foward to your help!!!! Thanks a lot in advance!!!
a lot of people won't use active-x with a Mozilla product.

there already is an active-x plugin avaiable:

you might want to ask your question in one of the Mozilla developers 
newsgroups on the news:// news server.  One could be  Look around the server for others.

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