From:  "Mozilla.embedding" <netscape.public.mozilla.embedding>
Date:  30 Aug 2004 00:35:24 Hong Kong Time

from windows to linux platform


Hello !
i was developping my application (based on "winembed" application) on
windows platform.
And now, I must change platform and developp on linux platform.
My question is : is my application (that uses chrome and windows librairies)
compatible with Linux ? and if not, is there any equivalent application
(like winembed) on linux platform in order to copy my code into it ?

I found testGtkEmbed application but i can't find any "nsIWebBrowserChrome",
neither any classes used in Winembed application.
I'd like to find a solution to translate my Windows application into a Linux

Any idea ?
Thanks a lot.
B嶧trice Philippe