From:  "Morenga" <>
Date:  27 Dec 2003 08:02:08 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla OS/2 1.7a Profile Problems


Hello World !

I seem to have some problems somewhere in my profiles with Warpzilla.
Even so I upgraded to the latest build of OS/2, I still have these issues
with my URL enter field and the download boxes.
Whenever I type a new URL I have to move the cursor to the back in the enter
field, before I hit  for Mozilla
to start loading the new page. Also, when I download images from a web page,
the download box stays open, despite
me having specified otherwise in the checkbox.

I guess some of my profile files are "damaged", but I don't want to rebuild
them all from scratch.
Anyone got any suggestion for me what to look for?

Thanks in advance