From:  David Miller <>
Date:  09 Aug 2003 12:45:25 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla and dual boot Win98 and Linux


I don't know if I have the correct news group or not?

I have a dual boot system that has both win98 and linux.  I run Mozilla on both 
platforms for mail and browsing.  Under normal circumstances each platform his its 
own places to store mail and mail folders as well as where it stores bookmarks and 
the address book.

Being that Linux can read and write fat32, I was able to go into the mail 
configuration on the linux side and tell it to look for the mail and mail folders on 
the windows partition.  This means that when I acess mail from the windows side all 
is normal and when I acess mail from the linux side it looks at the same files that 
the windows side does so I see the same mail. It seems to work at this point.  In the 
mail and newsgroup account settings is a place to put the path to each of these.

What I can't find is a place to correct the path for the bookmarks or the address 
book. If I could do that I would be able to see the same address book and the same 
bookmarks regardless of which platform I booted. Can anyone tell me if I can do this?

David Miller