From:  Jef Peeraer <>
Date:  26 Oct 2004 23:12:07 Hong Kong Time

Re: firefox & xul rendering


Jef Peeraer wrote:

> i have an XUL application , but the rendering of the listboxes ( open &
> close ) is realy slow. my firefox release is Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux
> i686; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20040913 Firefox/0.10
> i run it on a suse 91 machine , athlon 1G with 700Mb of memory.
> strange thing is that i tested it on another machine ( amd 500Mhz with
> 300Mb memory )with knoppix 3.6, and here it runs normally, the selectboxes
> open very quickly.
> i came accross another firefox installation ( 0.10 ),also on a suse 91,
> and there the rendering seems normal as well. one difference i noted are
> the tabboxes -> they didn't have these rounded edges. maybe the problem
> lies there somewhere..
> jef
well, i just tried another theme, and guess what, it resolved my rendering
problem of XUL !! The default theme installed ( firefox ) slows down the
whole XUL thing, and the overal UI. 
I just installed the GrayModern theme, and now it just runs smootly!
Maybe that's a problem for the previous poster as well!!