From:  Sailfish <>
Date:  29 Aug 2004 02:00:00 Hong Kong Time

Re: At my wits end!


slag wrote:
> I've had this problem on Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox. Here's the
> deal. I like to keep three or four tabs open at a time, if i walk away
> for a few minutes then come back it seems like the entire browser has
> unloaded its self from memory, and i have to wait what seems like a
> full minute for the browser to become usable again. Plus, after this if
> I try to save any images they oddly will only save as emtpy files.
> Please, is there a way to turn "feature" off?
> Also I'm stuck on dailup at the moment and am wondering if there is a
> way to turn off time outs. I'd like to be able to open 6 or 7 gallary
> pages in tabs, walk away for half an hour and then come back and have
> them completely loaded without time outs.
> Any suggestions?
Without knowing your system environment, my guess is that you have too 
little RAM which is causing the browser to "swap-out" during idle periods???


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