From:  Kaj Kandler <>
Date:  06 Feb 2005 23:11:12 Hong Kong Time

How does the OJI find the rest of the Java plug-in


Hi there,
I want to build a standalone K-Meleon version similar to the installer 
kit build for OpenCD. However I need to integrate a JRE/Java-plug-in. As 
I understand it, K-Meleon uses the oji libs from Mozilla 1.X.

Currently K-Meleon does find a Java plug-in installed on the host 
computer. Good work! However, I would like to run a specified JRE from 
the CD where I start K-Meleon from. In effect this needs to run even if 
Java is not installed at all on the host machine.

Where would I find documentation on how exactly K-Meleon/OJI is 
searching for its plug-ins?

It appears that currently under win32 Mozilla is consulting the registry 
to find an installed Java plug-in. Is there a way to copy the oji into 
the plugins directory and have it find the rest of the Java plug-in? 
What libs are required to run the Sun java Plug-In?

How can I configure K-Meleon/Mozilla to take the JRE/Java-plug-in I provide?

Somewhat documented source code is fine. I just don't want to read it 
all ;-)

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