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Date:  21 Jan 2005 02:36:06 Hong Kong Time

Null Value returned on JSObject.getWindow(java.applet.Applet)


	I'm new to this user group, but it seems the right place to direct this 
question. I'm using

JSObject win = JSObject.getWindow(applet);
System.out.println("win = "+win);

and I receive the output

win = null

The applet that I've passed into the getWindow method is a valid applet 
object which I'm using for a number of other functions. It exists. I 
have the MAYSCRIPT attribute set in my  tag. So far as I can 
tell I should be getting a JSObject from JSObject.getWindow ... Am I 
missing something ?

An additional question : I can't get to the javadocs for 
netscape.javascript package, can anyone provide me with a link ? is down currently, and I'm not sure that's even 
it's home, has been difficult to find.