From: (Xiaobin Lu)
Date:  24 Dec 2003 09:16:47 Hong Kong Time

Re: can;t get any java plugins working


user@domain.invalid wrote in message news:...
> help!
> we cannnot get ny of the java RE's or snything working for browser 
> plugins. I am runnning RedHat Linux9 kernel 2.4.20-6. with mozilla 
> 1.2.1. I need to get a full version that actually works. Sun 
> microsystesm is not being helpful at all. the netscape/mozilla sites do 
> not have one that will install I keep on getting "access denied" and all 
> that. I want to be able to use java menus on websites! this is not fair!
> thanks alot for the help!!
> Liz VanNoy

What kind of error you got when you use Java?