From:  Zenaan Harkness <>
Date:  09 Apr 2005 00:12:53 Hong Kong Time

Re: How To Disable Google Box in FF 1.0.2 source


On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 09:37 -0500, Steve wrote:
> "-" <-@9.i> wrote in message news:d35jo4$
> > Steve wrote:
> >> How can I disable the Google Box on the Firefox Browser? I am building 
> >> for a
> >> closed network that will not have access to the Internet.
> >
> > if you mean search bar, right click somewhere in File/Edit/... area,
> > select customize, then drug and drop as you like
> What I was looking for is how to remove the Google search box on the browser 
> page?  I want to do this at compile time. Which browser source file should I 
> modify to remove it. thanks 

What about change the target URL to an intranet search page - install
ht://dig or something?

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