From:  "naltrexone" <>
Date:  10 Feb 2005 23:49:36 Hong Kong Time

Re: Using 'ext-to-type-mapping' to handle files served without MIME type


Christian Biesinger wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 12:09:25AM -0800, naltrexone wrote:
> > Yet still, when I click on a file of type .foo from a server that
> > doesn't serve it as MIME type 'application/x-foo', Firefox asks
what to
> > do with it rather than invoking the extension.
> Hm... what does
> return?
> Also, the category entry may need a leading dot.
> --

It returns 'application/x-foo'.  More specifically, I'm registering to
handle files with the extension .z5 as 'application/x-zmachine'.  I've
tried registering it as 'z5', 'Z5', and '.z5'.  I guess I ought to try
'.Z5' for thoroughness.

Best I can tell, other than in that other thread and 2 lines of the moz
source code, there is no documentation of the use of
'ext-to-type-mapping'.  Does anyone know where it (or related methods)
might be documented?