From:  Boris Zbarsky <>
Date:  04 Jan 2006 11:01:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: Frames and Views


Christian Biesinger wrote:
> When is reflow called in relation to that? At some unspecified time 
> later (off an event)? If a frame's Init method posts an event, would 
> that usually fire before or after Reflow has happened?

Depends on ordering of things.  Assuming operation in a vacuum, the reflow 
command (and hence reflow event) would be posted after the fully initialized 
frame has been inserted into the frame tree.  As you might imagine, if several 
frames are created and inserted into the tree in a row reflow will fire after an 
event posted from the first one's Init, but before the events posted from the 
later frames' Inits.

I think Eli answered the rest of the questions right on the money.