From:  Christian Biesinger <>
Date:  02 Jan 2006 10:30:44 Hong Kong Time

Frames and Views


I've got some questions about frames and views.

Firstly... It seems that the main way frames get views is via 
nsHTMLContainerFrame::CreateViewForFrame, is that correct? And that's 
usually called right after the frame is created, right? (why is that 
method on nsHTMLContainerFrame? wouldn't a more generic class be better?)

When is reflow called in relation to that? At some unspecified time 
later (off an event)? If a frame's Init method posts an event, would 
that usually fire before or after Reflow has happened?

Do frames have an easy way of knowing whether they were already reflown 
at least once?

Do views start out hidden or shown?