From:  Jon Smirl <>
Date:  13 Dec 2005 00:38:02 Hong Kong Time

Re: Layout performanance on large text files.


On 12/12/05, Boris Zbarsky  wrote:
> Jon Smirl wrote:
> > I suspect the loop is caused by trying to measure the length
> Don't suspect.  Profile.  If you can attach the file in question, I can probably
> profile it when I get back in about 3 weeks (if you haven't done it yourself by
> then).

Do you have link to profiling instructions for Linux that work with Mozilla?

The file is 2MB, it is a standard part of every gnome distribution. It
is in the gnome-mime-data-2.4.2-1.rpm.
I can mail it to you.

I know that Mozilla is not an editor and I don't expect it to act like
one. But on the other hand a user shouldn't be able to click around
the files on their disk and lock moz up.

Is this a DOS vulnerability, can a remote site convince Moz to load a
file even if the site can't read it?

> > in order to compute the width of the display.
> Unlikely that this is the primary purpose.  More likely, the "problem" is that
> plain text s just treated like HTML with a single 
 block and the layout is
> done via CSS, and with CSS you MUST lay out the whole document at once
> (something I'm sure vi does not ever do).
> > Even if the width can't be lazy evaluated, it would be nice to do
> > layout on a lower priority thread that would leave the UI responsive
> > to requests to abort the layout.
> Layout and the UI are on the same thread.
> -Boris
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