From:  "hv @ Fashion Content" <>
Date:  02 Dec 2005 07:35:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bug in rendering of INPUT and A tags ?


> The 
overlaps most of the
, so when > you > click you're clicking on the rightside div, not the leftside. I recommend > some z-indexing here. Thanks for pointing that out! I take it position:relative isn't the correct choice > >> And.... Why will input fields get the proper height only when I remove >> the DOCTYPE > > What is the "proper height"? I defined the class .navigation-bar-input { width: 80px; height:20px; font: Tahoma 11px; padding:1px; margin:2px; filter:alpha(opacity=100);-moz-opacity:1.0;opacity:1.0; } So I would expect the input field to be 20 pixels high. > > -Boris