From:  harry <>
Date:  25 Oct 2005 01:44:25 Hong Kong Time

Re: Scrolling to DOM node with JavaScript?


Heikki Toivonen wrote:
> As the subject says, if I have a DOM node, is there any way I can scroll to
> the node with JavaScript? Meaning, if the node is not visible in the window
> I want the window to scroll so that the node becomes visible.
> --
>   Heikki Toivonen

This is the way I do: I is the element to scroll to (an image in my 
case) and w is the containing window.

var x=I.offsetLeft, y=I.offsetTop, h=I.offsetHeight, win=I.offsetWidth;
for(var P=I.offsetParent; P && P!=w; P=P.offsetParent)
   x+=P.offsetLeft; y+=P.offsetTop;
if(y<0)   y=0;
if(x<0)   x=0;
w.scrollTo(x, y);

The key is to summarize all offsets until the top level (the window) is